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Van Pur Malt drink


The eternal dilemma is whether it is more fun to create a completely new brand or to adapt an existing one to the needs of the market. In both cases, our goal is to offer the client the best solution. In the case of Van Pur Malt Drink, we encounter an already positioned Polish brand with a complicated name, but a well-known taste.

The challenge is to adapt the existing brand to our market and add new energy to all this in order to bring this exceptional drink closer to consumers. At the same time, it is very important to adhere to the framework prescribed by the manufacturer and to maintain an international market presence.


It’s great that Malt is a drink that has been known in our area for decades and has always found its place on the shelves with healthy drinks. The fact is that consumers have been looking for an adequate replacement for years, known to many from childhood with familiar taste, and Van Pur provides just that. In addition to the exceptional composition, nutritional values ​​and taste, this drink also highlights the production process that takes place in one of the most modern production plants in Europe. The logical choice when improving the brand was to bring the drink closer to consumers by emphasizing a healthy composition intended for the whole family, as well for people with high physical activity as a compensation for the necessary substances in the body.