Either you need development of new or upgrading of the existing visual identity; we are here to help you in realization.


A visual identity is the face of every business and brand. It consists of several elements and graphic creations that represent the trademarks and standards of every business. In other words, elements of visual identity represent the face of your business and create your brand! Elements of visual identity usually consist of: logo, protective colour system, protective typography (font), sign, slogan, mascot, coat of arms, flag and etc. Elements of visual identity are elaborated in the book of graphic standards, which defines the appearance, variations and use of each element individually.


Visual identity is a very important segment of every business. He represents his face and image and aims to simplify and at the same time enrich communication with clients and porters. Any type of advertising is almost unimaginable without elements of visual identity as an integral part of a message or an ad.
Vizuelni identitet - Poslovna zgrada i logotip na zidu


Corporate identity with its elements contributes to visually connecting customers to your business. It consists of a logo, memorandum, business cards, choice of colors and typography, illustrations and all other elements depending on how we want to communicate and introduce ourselves to the market.
We are able to offer the improvement of the existing, as well as the creation of a completely new identity.

Identiteti koje smo kreirali

Logo design

The logo is the most important segment of visual representation, which is implemented on all elements of visual identity. From business card and memorandum cards, through catalogs and billboards, branding vehicles and facilities to the website and digital advertising, it is simply unavoidable.

The logo can be typographic (consists only of letters), a symbol or a combination of typography and symbols. A carefully designed logo for the users indicates the activity you are dealing with and / or the message you want to present. Also, there are logos that contain a slogan that describes your business more closely.
With special care we approach the creation of the logo and provide you with a solution that will separate you on the market.

Crtanje logotipa u notesu

Logos we designed