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A name you trust


When you have in front of you a project for a company that has been operating in the local market for decades and owns a chain of facilities, the desire for a recognizable identity that everyone will notice and love is at its maximum.

The company Impel was just our challenge to make something different from what you are used to seeing in retail stores.

In addition to the facilities that customers visit every day, there is also a logistics service that supplies the facilities, so it was necessary to complete the image with the branding of delivery vehicles.


After researching the market in the region, we did not come across any inspiration that would serve us to offer a solution that has already been tried. But this is exactly what gave us the opportunity to show creativity and provide a truly unique, recognizable identity that cannot go unnoticed.

Carefully selected typography, an attractive combination of colors and a pattern obtained from the logo’s symbols, provided us with a virtually unlimited possibility of applying an identity that very quickly found its place on the market.

Impel Portfolio 01
Impel Portfolio 03
Impel Portfolio 02
Impel Portfolio 04
Impel Portfolio 05
Impel Portfolio 06
Impel Portfolio 07
Impel Portfolio 08
Impel Portfolio 09
Impel Portfolio 10