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Graphic design

Whether you need the development of a new or improvement of the existing visual identity, we are here to help you implement it.


Experience leaves no room for error

We have many years of experience in creating and implementing visual identities that give users satisfaction and connect them with the brand.
Through detailed research of the market and competition, we arrive at the development part in which we try to fulfill both yours and the expectations of current and future users of products and services with unique solutions that are recognizable and memorable.

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What is visual identity

Visual identity represents the face of every business and brand. It consists of several elements and graphic creations that represent trademarks and standards of every business. In other words, visual identity elements represent the face of your business and create your brand!
Elements of visual identity usually consist of: Logo, colors, typography (font), sign, slogan, mascot, coat of arms, flag and so on. The elements of the visual identity are elaborated in the book of graphic standards, where the appearance, variations and use of each element are defined individually.

Visual identity is a very important segment of any business. It represents his face and image and aims to simplify and at the same time enrich communication with clients and porters. Any kind of advertising is almost unthinkable without elements of visual identity as an integral part of the message or advertisement.

Corporate identity

With its elements, the corporate identity contributes to visually connecting clients with your business. It consists of a logo, letterhead, business card, choice of colors and typography, illustrations and all other elements depending on how we want to communicate and present ourselves to the market.
We have the opportunity to offer the improvement of the existing one, as well as the creation of a completely new identity.

See examples of improving the existing and creating a new identity.

Logo design

The logo is the most important segment of the visual representation, which is implemented on all elements of the visual identity. From business cards and letterheads, through catalogs and billboards, vehicle and facility branding, all the way to websites and digital advertising, it is simply essential.

A logo can be typographic (consisting only of letters), a symbol or a combination of typography and symbols. A carefully designed logo indicates to users the activity you are engaged in and/or conveys the message you want to present yourself. Also, there are logos that contain a slogan that more closely describes your business.

We approach logo creation with special attention and provide you with a solution that will set you apart on the market.

Logos we created

Logo BioScavange
Logo Centro
Logo CTS
Logo DS Pro
Logo EcoStarch
Logo Ekogradnja
Logo Gardinovacki
Logo Gorski
Logo Halas namestaj
Logo Impel
Logo Industrial Jack
Logo Males
Logo MMV Consulting
Logo Nekretnine Ilic
Logo PeCo
Logo PentaGeCo
Logo PG Aleksic
Logo Pizza Wok Rene
Logo PowerStarch
Logo Psihoterapija
Logo RCR Banat
Logo Smart School
Logo TehnoUna
Logo Tour de Banat
Logo Wash and Go
Logo Zavod za javno zdravlje
Logo ZR Agent